LEI offers a diverse portfolio of completed homes and renovations. Our expertise is our ability to create various design styles with unique finishes. Your home or workspace is an important investment; the builder you chose should reflect this. LEI has the experience and passion needed to build projects that you will love and cherish for years.

Unlike many of the builders in the Yampa Valley, we are not limited to one style of home. We can build any style of home your heart desires. In the event there is a style you are looking for and do not know the best architect, we can assist you in finding just the right team to design your dream home.

Custom Homes

Letson Enterprises has built a lasting legacy in the Yampa Valley by constructing hundreds of homes you see on a daily basis around Steamboat Springs. Some homes and offices have seen multiple generations of families.


Unlock the beauty of your home and bring new vitality to living spaces. Enlarge your environment or turn your basement into an entertainment area. Get the most of the home you own, saving money and getting the home you always desired..

Insurance Work

Letson Enterprises is one of the most recommended builders by insurance companies because of our “Home-Owner-First” approach. Always get a second-opinion from us before repairing water damage or fire damage.

Energy Efficient Homes

Every homeowner we work with understands the importance of optimizing energy efficiency. Tax credits are also available for homes that are in need of renovation to save energy.


We offer free consultations on every project: Energy Saving Solutions, Architect Drawing Interpretation, Architect Meetings, Finding an Architect, Lot/Site Planning, Building at Elevation, Climate Concerns, Water Saving, Thermal Windows, Solar Panels, Remodeling vs. New